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30th november 2023- - scottish borders and northumberland

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Some styles of antique furniture can look dated and out of keeping with the contempory interior. However there is nothing new in this: the elaborate carving and sumptuous uphostery of the late 17th and 18th.centuries gave way to the clean lines of the neo-classical style. Then the neo-classical was in turn superseded by the ostentation and worked detail of the Victorian period which was then swept away by the plain surfaces of the Art Deco and modernist movements.
A mid-Victorian walnut fireside stool:
upholstered furniture found for recovering/re-upholstering.

A late 19th.century porcelain panel and ormolu mlounted clock garniture
attractive visual centre-piece to interior design scheme.

Antique oak furniture, antique diningroom furniture, library furniture and upholstered furniture sourced for traditional and modern interiors.
A brass inlaid Regency mahogany sideboard:
large diningroom furniture is surprisingly affordable!
A Regency mahogany cheval mirror,
always a desireable item.
A late Regency maple writing table:
desk and writing furniture are a regular requests - in this case the use of an unusual wood give a contempory lift.
A late 17th.century oak settle:
period furniture sourced for collectors.