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Charles Cattermole (1832-1900)
Roundhead Parliamentarian Cavalryman holding a carbine,
watercolour, signed and dated '69, 21 x 16cm, sold.

Peninsular War coloured engraving edpicting the 'March of the Guards etc, towards the Sea Coast', engraved by Sheringham after a drawing by Atkinson, parcel gilt ebonised frame (losses), 50 x 65cm, £90.

....Diverting his army from its march on Portugal, the emperor was seeking to get behind the redcoats, sever them from the coast, and annihilate them. He all but succeeded. Slipping away, Moore went into precipitate retreat for Corunna. Napoleon, alarmed by Austria's preparations for a renewal of the war, turned the pursuit over to Marshal Soult and hurried back to Germany. Repulsed at Corunna on 16 January 1809, Soult failed to prevent the British evacuation, but Moore was killed and his force, which comprised much of Britain's available army, had been badly mauled......